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Without trying to fit the limitations of labels


The Tomgirlz concept was first inspired by a young girl who was climbing fences when she was one and climbing walls (literally) by the age of two. She would prefer to have a birthday party with snakes and spiders than princesses and make up. She had a will of steel and a heart of gold.

This beautiful young girl called herself a tomboy because she was competitive and liked to play with what she called “boy stuff.” This made people laugh because everyone could see that she liked wearing a dress when necessary (as long as it wasn’t pink or frilly), having her hair done nicely, and looking, well, very much like a girl! She was not at all boy-like as the word tomboy means. Unfortunately, she felt the need to fit into a label and the one she felt she could identify with most was tomboy. So she decided to wear only overalls. Then she decided she should cut her hair short. She felt she had to change more and more to make sure she truly fit this label (because honestly, no label could ever truly fit her).

Finally, her mom put her foot down and said no to the drastic hair cut. The young girl pleaded, “But I’m so not a girlie girl.” To this her mom responded, “And you're certainly no tomboy.” Just because a girl is good at sports, determined and competitive, and not afraid to pick up bugs, doesn't mean she is just like a boy.

So they created a new word where this girl (and every other child) could just be herself, be happy with herself, and accept others for being their true selves too. The new word was TOMGIRLZ and it fits just right.




Since the word was created, we noticed many examples of Tomgirlz spirit…and they are not just young girls…




Bill Clinton said it best when he responded to a statement made by Elizabeth Edwards about Hillary Clinton while she was running for President.

Mrs. Edwards said Hillary was acting like a man.

Bill Clinton’s response really summed up what TOMGIRLZ means.

He said, “Well, she’s not acting like a man, she’s behaving like a LEADER!”


Way to go Bill!