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Written by modules-positions   

Mackenzey Mackintyre

(a.k.a. Mackey Mack)

She’s the brave and courageous tomgirl. Eager to try anything and puts her whole heart into everything. This often gets her into trouble, but her great attitude and genuine love of life always bring her out on top. She leaves everyone around her with a smile.

Mackey Rocks: Gymnastics & Breakdance

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Gina Olivia Jorge

(a.k.a. G.O.Jo)

She’s the bold twin sister of Jacyn. This spicy hot tomgirl says it like it is with attitude and style, although her actions speak louder than her words.

G.O. Rocks: Karate & Soccer

Samantha Sayerson

(a.k.a. Sammy Says)

She’s the bossy tomgirl who wants everything done her way. She’s the high spirited neighbor and best friend of Mackey and is usually the one to get the trouble started.

Sammy Rocks: Cheerleading & Tennis

Keena Kees

(a.k.a. KeeKee)

Laid back, cool and very, very smart. She’ll go along with anything until the situation gets out of hand, then she tries to bring some common sense to the others.

KeeKee Rocks: Hip Hop, Voice, Keyboard & Ice Hockey.

Jacyn Jorge

(Just known as Jacyn)

She’s the sweet tomgirl who stands back and speaks soft, but don’t let her fool you. Her kindness is for real, but she is full of strength inside and out.

Jacyn Rocks: Karate & Art